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Online Bacccarat Tournaments
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Baccarat Tournament Guide

Online Baccarat Tournaments

Baccarat Tournaments

Baccarat tournaments may not be as common as poker tournaments or even blackjack tournaments, but they can be just as fun. There is a relaxed, almost subdued, atmosphere at baccarat tournaments that gives it a comfortable air. You will be competing against other players, true, but since their games have no direct influence on yours, you can actually converse and interact freely with them without fear of giving them an advantage over you. Baccarat tournaments are fun and relatively peaceful, and they do not require so much grinding that your head will feel like it has been split in two after the tournament.
Furthermore, baccarat tournaments can be very profitable. They usually have higher buy-ins than the other card games, but the rewards are usually bigger. The prize money can either be a set amount or it can be pooled – either way, winning means getting a huge profit. And since luck plays a big part in the baccarat game, everyone actually has a fair chance of winning.

Cut the deck

What goes on in a Baccarat Tournament?

The rules of baccarat in normal play and in tournament play do not differ so much. All of the participants will still be betting against the house. But what’s different is that you are also competing with your fellow players at the same time. The one who wins the tournament is the one who ends up with the most chips. So, generally, it’s how many games you win and how many you lose compared to the others that’s important.

Multiplayer Baccarat

All of the participants will start out with an equal number of chips. They are then seated randomly at tables where they will be playing baccarat against the dealer. There will be several rounds, depending on the number of players, and each round will consist of a set number of deals. At the end of each round, the chips are tallied, and those who have the most chips at each table will move on to the next round and so on until there is only one table left. The one with the most chips at the end of the last round will be crowned as the winner. In the event that everyone had a losing streak and lost chips instead, then the one who lost the least amount of chips will be the winner.

Live Dealer Baccrat

Strategy and Tips for Baccarat Tournaments

Since the actual rules of baccarat do not change for tournament play, then there is no set baccarat strategy to truly increase your chances of getting a winning hand. Card counting has been speculated upon, but this method is overrated and is usually just bogus. The strategy, then, for a baccarat tournament would focus mainly on how you manage your bankroll and to balance your aggression in playing. Here are some basic baccarat tournament strategy tips. If you are serious about playing baccarat tournaments make sure to purchase the book in the right column as it discusses even more advanced baccarat tournament strategy topics.

  • It is recommended to play conservatively at the start of the tournament by placing low wagers and trying to avoid losing chips as much as possible in case the maximum bet amount is fairly high. Then, towards the end of the tournament, try to assess how far ahead the leader is in terms of chip count. Use this information to adjust your betting level accordingly, and then start playing aggressively.

  • On the other hand you can also play aggressively from the very start to establish an early chip lead in case the maximum bet amount is low. Then, when you’re safely at the top, play more conservatively and observe whether or not someone else is catching up. When someone comes close, start playing aggressively again and try to gather as many chips as possible.

  • It also important to remember that betting position matters in tournament baccarat. Player that acts before you has disadvantage, on the other hand player that acts after you act has disadvantage.

  • As for bets recommendation the banker bet is recommended unless player we are trying to catch already bets banker, never bet on tie with the only exception being the last hand where you can bet on tie trying to catch somebody or prevent other players using tie bet to catch you.

  • Players can take notes to count the betting order on last hand. This depends on number of decks used and number of players at each baccarat tournament table.

  • If secret bet is allowed save it for last hand, if there are more secret bets allowed make sure to save at least one for last bet.

Baccarat Tournaments

There are three live baccarat tournaments that are very popular. The Macao Baccarat Tournament is held in China, and the “Asian Elite” are usually the ones who participate. The prize money is $650,000. The second tournament, the Tornoi de Chemin de fer (European variation of baccarat), is the largest baccarat tournament in the world. It takes place every February in Monte Carlo. Like the first one, it attracts mainly high rollers, with the players usually arriving via their own personal yachts. The grand prize for the tournament is an impressive 1 million Euros. The third tournament, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of the first two. You don’t need any money to play the Bally’s Casino New Orleans Mini Baccarat Tournament because the buy-in is free. The prize is $100,000 and the tournament is held monthly.

Live Baccarat

Online Baccarat Tournaments

There are also some baccarat tournaments held online, but they are very rare. You’d be very lucky to chance upon one. Your best bet at finding one is to play at the biggest online casinos which host regular tournaments for card games. You can find some in the right column.

Best Online Casinos for Baccarat Games
online casino restricted countries baccarat bonus software baccarat types special features
Ladbrokes Casino Ladbrokes Casino
USA, TR yes Micro-gaming mini baccarat live dealer. VIP program

WillHill Casino

USA, BG, GE, DE, HK yes Playtech mini baccarat multiplayer (live only), live dealer, tie pays 9 to 1
Casino Club

Casino Club

USA, TR, CA yes Boss Media classic + mini bacc. classic baccarat, multiplayer, private tables
Royal Ace Casino Royal Ace
none yes RTG mini baccarat tie pays 9 to 1, VIP program
Casinos That Organize Baccarat Tournaments
online casino restricted countries baccarat bonus software tie

Bodog Casino

none no RTG pays 9 to 1

You Spades

USA no CTXM pays 8 to 1
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Best Baccarat Tournament Strategy Resources
Casino Tournament Strategy - author Stanford Wong is one of the most successful baccarat tournament players
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- craps, blackjack, keno and horses are also included
Casino Tournament Strategy
Best Baccarat Strategy Books
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Online Baccarat Tournaments

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