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High Limit Baccarat for High Roller Baccarat Players
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High Stakes Baccarat
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High Stakes Baccarat

High Stakes Baccarat

High Stakes Baccarat

Baccarat has been one of the most popular games for the high rollers in the casinos. Once you play high roller baccarat game at a casino, you feel a certain prestige from the game. It basically involves a lot of cash and even the casino might win or lose millions overnight with only a single table on play. High roller baccarat is a game of elegance and all men wear tuxedos and the women wear evening gowns, including the dealers. Also, the rooms for high stakes baccarat are separated from the rest of the casino games. Now that online baccarat has become more and more popular as the days go by, you can enjoy a game of high limit baccarat from your desktop at the comforts of your home.

Baccarat Room

High Rollers’ Game

First of all, we need to know why this game is so popular to the high rollers. One of the many reasons of the high toller baccarat popularity is that the game is a pretty simple one. Although baccarat rules are simple enough that everyone can understand it, it is also a very fun game to play. Another thing is that this is one of the casino games that have a low house edge, so a lot of high rollers choose to take advantage of this fact and play this game instead of the other casino games. Knowing that the house has a lower edge over the players on this game, the high roller baccarat players are then tempted to make huge bets out of every game of high limit baccarat.

High Limit Baccarat

High Rollers Online

Now that high limit baccarat has been accessible over the internet, more people can play the game. How does one become a high roller baccarat player? A player can get recognized as a high roller baccarat player when s/he signs up at an online casino with a huge sum of cash as their deposit. These high stakes baccarat players also usually wager a huge sum of cash every time they play.

High Limit Baccarat Online

What exactly is the main benefit of playing in a table of high roller baccarat online? Well, for one thing, the high rollers get benefits from the casinos. They are treated better compared to the rest of the players and they also enjoy certain benefits. High limit baccarat players get bonuses and promos from the casino, so it pays well to play as a high roller. Playing high stakes baccarat will also give you faster payout times, as compared to the low stakes baccarat players. High roller baccarat players also get to enjoy various VIP programs that will make playing high stakes baccarat even more enjoyable and worth it.

High Roller Baccarat

Difference Between Online and Offline High Stakes Baccarat

Although baccarat has been introduced over the internet, there are differences when playing high limit baccarat at a live venue or at an online casino. The most obvious difference between the two is that you will not have to leave your home just to play the game if you choose to play online. You can easily find a casino that hosts a game of high rollers baccarat over the internet. Another thing is that even though you will not get to enjoy the atmosphere of a real casino when playing at an online one, you won’t have to dress up for formality’s sake in order to play high stakes baccarat game. And with live baccarat online with real dealers high stakes players can enjoy some of the real atmosphere.

Baccarat Game

When playing a high limit baccarat game online, you can take your time when making your decision as well, so you won’t be pressured while playing the game, in turn you can clearly make your decisions well (this also depends on online casino). Even though you will not get to stay at fancy hotels while playing high stakes baccarat online, you get bonuses and other free prizes from the online casinos. Make sure to choose top high stakes baccarat casinos that offer only the best rewards for high roller players jut as those listed in the right column.

High Stakes Baccarat Best High Stakes Baccarat Casinos Comparison
Click for Best High Stakes Baccarat Casinos In-Depth Comparison
High Stakes Craps Best High Stakes Baccarat Casinos
online casino restriction software VIP program deposit limit cashout limit baccarat limit live bacc. hits and misses
888 Casino

888 Casino

USA 888 Casino-On-Net YES €67.5K /week no limit €1 - €1500 (€10K live) YES + brand
- no flash/ multitable
Ladbrokes Casino Ladbrokes Casino
USA, TR Micro-gaming YES no limit €2K/day (VIP more) €1- €2000 (€5K live) YES + live
+ bonus

- limits
Casino Club

Casino Club

USA, TR, CA Boss Media YES no limit €1 - €1000 NO + multipl.
+ support
- no live

Mansion Casino

USA Play-tech YES no limit (€8000 per transaction) €1 - €1500 YES + live
+ multipl.

- bonus
Party Casino

Party Casino

USA, FR, GT, CU, GI, TR Party Gaming YES $100K $2 million $1 - $2500 YES + multipl.
+ support
- graphics
VIP Casino

VIP Casino

USA, TR, CN, HK, MO Crypto-Logic NO $500K /week no limit $1 - $500 NO + private & multipl.
- no VIP/ live
  • Country codes are used in "restricted countries" field. If you do not know your country code check country abbreviations here

  • maximum high roller baccarat limits include payment method with the highest limit - usually wire transfer, there may be maximum limit per withdrawal transaction

  • maximum high stakes baccarat table limit shows maximum live dealer or software limit available (whichever is bigger), for details check high limit baccarat comparison
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High Stakes Baccarat for High Roller Baccarat Players
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