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Casinator now offers instant updates of online gambling news, promotion and bonuses as they are added an reviewed via RSS feeds to your desktop or browser. Choose any of the different rss feeds on this webpage to receive only updates that you are interested in.

rssMain Gambling Casinator RSS Feed
all gambling news and updates including poker rooms, casinos, bingo halls and sports betting sites
rssOnline Poker
poker updates only
rssOnline Casinos
casino updates only
rssOnline Bingo
bingo updates only
rssOnline Sports Betting
sports betting updates only

New to RSS?

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) allows you to subscribe to web content just like new promotions, bonuses or reviews listed at Casinator. But also your favorite sport news or celebrity gossip. No need to visit dozens of different webpages to check if they have been updated. RSS will instantly notify you about any updates that may be of interest to you.

The main way of gathering all your favorite content together with RSS is through Feed Readers. Feed Reader is similar to email inbox. You can even organize incoming updates to folders. You can choose from either online or desktop feed readers. The advantage of online feed readers is that you can access them from any anywhere in the world. The advantage of desktop readers is wider set of features and you do not need to launch your browser. It is also possible to work offline with desktop rss readers.

Recommended RSS Readers
Online Feed Readers Offline Feed Readers
  • FeedDemon - extensive features, twitter feed reading
  • Blogbridge - easy to use, Windows,Max & Linux

RSS feeds can be also syndicated through virtual desktop applications or portals with RSS reading built in just like Google, Yahoo! or MSN that are also recommended by Casinator. MS Outlook has also capabilities to subscribe for RSS feed.

And here comes the question: How do I subscribe? Depending on your browser configuration clicking a RSS feed button will either subscribe the feed to browser's feed reader or to feed reader of your choice You can also manually place the feed in your feed reader, just right-click on the feed link or button and select "Save Link Location". Then you can paste it to your feed reader.

RSS Feed Advantages
  • instant updates - get all the new content instantly
  • privacy & no spam - no need to provide eyour mail adress
  • always delivers - cannot be stopped by spam filters
  • save time - no need to browse multiple pages
  • hassle free removal - if you want to unsubscribe just remove the feed
Popular Specific Casinator RSS Feeds
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