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Poker Data Mining

Poker Datamining Software Tools

What is poker data mining online?

Data mining is the process of gathering useful information about other poker players through observation of poker tables at online poker rooms. The main idea behind poker data mining is to use the data mined poker information in order to gain advantage over your opponents. Based on the data mined information you will be able to make profitable decisions.

What kind of information is gathered through poker data mining?

Information that will help you to make correct decisions in difficult situation is gathered by data mining. This information includes betting patterns, aggression, range of hands player is playing etc. Basically most of the information that poker HUD is able to display is gathered. Depending on data mining tool the software is able to data mine less or more indicators. Some tools just data mine poker hands and then poker tracker software uses this information to create player profiles and statistics.

Some data mining tools even display icon next to the player's name showing their playing style (shark, fish etc.).

What is poker data mining used for?

As already mentioned poker data mining is mostly used to make correct decisions when playing poker online. The functions of datamining software are very similar to those of poker tracker software its advantage being much bigger database of hands. The main disadvantage is that poker data mining with central database of poker hands is considered by some online poker rooms as unfair advantage and therefore unethical and immoral and using data mining can get you in trouble - it is forbidden at some poker rooms. Therefore we rather recommend poker tracker software that uses your own database that is build as you play poker online.

Poker Crusher Datamining

Poker data mining tools are able to provide some or all of the following:

  • access to millions of hands of information on your potential opponents
  • table selection made easy - ata mining tools will help you to find the softest tables with weakest players
  • check your own statistic information, identify your weaknesses, improve your skills and increase your profits
  • provide information for poker HUD or even include their own poker HUD
  • statistics of all poker players are updated real time and added to the database

Are poker data mining tools allowed at online poker rooms?

According to biggest online poker room PokerStars only some of the data mining tools are generally acceptable. And these are tools and services that gather only information about other poker players by your own play. This includes poker tracking software. Any poker tool that works off of a central database of player profiles, hands and statistics is prohibited. Most online poker rooms share this idea and even that many of them will let you use poker data mining software Casinator recommends building your own database of hands. Always make sure that your poker room accepts poker data mining software that uses centralized database. Play at your own risk (you can lose all your money if caught) at poker rooms where software with centralized database is forbidden.


Poker Crusher Poker Datamining

Best Choice Spade It Tools
Spade It

Makes table selection and data mining very fast. Statistics are retrieved from your local databases so most poker rooms do not see this software as unfair advantage. Compatible with PokerTracker 3 and Holdem Manager.

In spite of the fact that it uses local database is banned by some poker rooms as for example PokerStars.
Casinator Choice Sharkscope

The most complete database of online poker sit n' go tournament results. Poker HUD Beta Version available

Uses central database of player profiles and therefore is banned by some poker rooms as for example PokerStars.
Casinator Choice Official Poker Rankings
Official Poker Rankings

Website with tournament results, poker player rankings and statistics. It's free and web-based.

Other Poker Data mining Tools
Poker Crusher
  • real time database
  • icons for all player types
  • free 5 day trial
Idle Miner
  • hand history data mining
  • compatible with PT3, HM and Poker Office
Poker Edge
  • real time stats data mining
  • table selection
  • integrated poker HUD
  • provides hand histories for sale
  • free hand histories available

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