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Poker HUD and PAHUD

Free Poker HUD Online

What is poker HUD?

Poker HUD or Poker Heads Up Display is poker software that displays statistics on online poker players. Poker HUD usually builds a database of hands from hand histories saved by online poker rooms or can use databases of 3rd party software as for example very popular online poker tracker software like Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker. There is also free poker HUD available, although it doesn't offer all the features of best poker HUD that is paid.


Probably the most popular poker HUD is PokerAce Heads Up Display also called PAHUD. This Heads Up Display now operates as companion application of Poker Tracker 3 - poker tracking software. PAHUD now reads the hand histories and stats from PokerTracker software and displays these useful stats real-time at the table you play. PAHUD and most of the best poker HUD software applications are fully customizable - you can choose which stats you want to have displayed. Most paid and free poker HUD applications also include poker odds calculator (percentage of winning the hand).

What stats does the poker HUD display?

Poker HUD displays indicators that will help you to improve your poker game and also read your opponents. For more information about these poker stats visit recommended poker forums. Below you can find the most important poker HUD and PAHUD stats:

VP$IP - Voluntarily Put Money In The Pot (%) - This poker HUD indicator shows how loose or tight poker players is preflop. Players with VP$IP<20% are usually very tight. Players with VP$IP over 40% are very loose (weak players).

PFR - Pre-Flop Raise (%)- This free poker HUD indicator shows how aggressive is player preflop. The closer is this PAHUD indicator to VP$IP the more aggressive is poker player. Loose players usually have small PFR indicator value.

Aggression (AF) - Aggression Factor (raising/calling) - This indicator of online poker HUD shows how aggressive is player postflop. The AF number shows raising calling ratio. For example number 2 means that players is betting & raising 2 times more than calling.

Hands - Total Number of Hands Played - Shows the number of hands you have for certain player. The bigger the number the more reliable are the indicators. You need at least 50 poker hands on player to make the stats above reliable. To make conclusion about your own play you need to play thousands of hands. The indicators get pretty accurate when you play at least 10,000 poker hands

Poker Heads Up Display

Recommended setup for poker tracker HUD:
VPIP - Voluntarily Put Money In the Pot (the higher number the weaker are opponents)
PFR - Pre-Flop Raise (the higher number the looser and more aggressive opponent for example number 2 - he raises two times more often than calls)
AGG - Total Aggression (the higher number the more aggressive is player postflop)
STEAL - Blind Stealing (the higher number the more aggressive player in blind stealing)
3BET - Bet/Blind &Re-raise (the higher the number the more aggressive player)
FOLD 3 BET - Fold to Three Bet (the higher the number the better folding equity)
CBET - Continuation Bet (the higher the more he continues to raise on the flop)
FOLD C BET - Fold To Continuation Bet (the bigger the more raise him preflop)
TH - Total Hands (the bigger the number the more reliable are the indicators above)

Best Choice HM Poker HUD & PAHUD integrated in Poker Tracker/HM
Best Features & Fully Customizable

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Free Poker HUD and PAHUD

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