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Online Poker Tracker Software

Poker Tracker Software

What is poker tracking software?

Poker tracker software is one of the most important poker software tools for professional poker players online as it gives online poker pros the edge needed to withstand the swings of bad luck in short term and to be profitable in the long run. Poker stats tracker software is the most complex and probably also most effective from all online poker software tools. Paid or free poker tracker covers all areas of online poker from table selection through tracking of your poker hands to reporting and analysis. It is excellent for both advanced players as well as beginners who would like to learn how to play Texas Hold'em poker.

Poker stats tracker is really the most complete poker software tool available. That unfortunately means that its price is considerably higher than price of poker odds calculator or poker strategy software. Fortunately just like there is free poker odds calculator option one can also get free poker tracker when you sign up with one of supported poker rooms using special bonus code.

Poker Tracker Software Screenshot

What is poker tracker good for?

Online poker tracker software is able to displays real-time statistics on your poker table, analyze your play, find your weaknesses and even find and exploit weaknesses of other players. All these features make this poker stats tracker software really powerful tool when you play poker online.

Poker tracker software uses modern graphic interface that allows fast operation and multitasking. Just one online poker tracking software tool will enable you to do following tasks:

  • table selection - track and find cash games or tournaments with weaker opponents according to imported hands stats with built in table tracker
  • improve your poker skills - track your own poker play, find your weaknesses reviewing your hands and the mistakes you most often make
  • get tells on you opponents - tracker tracks your opponents and through detailed stats gives you inside view of their mind
  • make profitable decisions - integrated poker HUD (Heads Up Display) will provide your with live poker odds and stats of your opponents
  • track your progress - various reporting tools of poker tracker software will help you to track your progress in ring games or tournaments

Poker Tracking Software

What you need to know to successfully set up poker tracker

Poker players that are completely new to paid or free poker tracking software should make sure that they understand how to use this powerful online poker software tool in the most effective way. Following steps will help you to get the most from your paid or free poker tracker software.

  • check if your poker software is compatible with poker tracker before buying or just start using compatible poker software
  • import your poker hands (manually or automatically) to poker tracker
    it is recommended to play at least 10,000 poker hands before you can make conclusions of your game, also the indicators for other players are more reliable with higher number of hands
  • set up the HUD with poker tracking stats that will show at the table, find most useful stats in poker HUD section
  • use poker tracker to look for tables with weak players using the build in table tracker
    - usually tables with players with bigger stacks (>50 big blinds) and higher VPIP (40+) indicator are the most profitable ones
  • sit down and use the built in HUD (expected value and percentage to win) to read your opponents and do profitable decisions
  • use poker reporting tools (wide variety of stats and indicators, filters and graphs) of poker stats tracker to improve your poker game (tight aggressive means profit in long run)

Poker Tracking Software

Just as is poker tracker important for full time professional poker players, casual players that just play poker for fun should take following steps to protect themselves from poker sharks that use paid or free poker tracking software to their advantage:

  • In cash games try to start poker games rather than join waiting list for full games. Poker players that use poke tracker join mostly full tables with weaker players. They do not tend to join tables with just few players
  • Play at online poker rooms that do not support poker tracker (you can find some recommended by Casinator in the right column) or poker rooms that have anonymous tables that are impossible to be data mined by poker stats tracker
  • Try to improve your poker game using other methods (books, videos, training programs) so that your game is not that easy to read and predict using poker tracking software
Best Choice Choice
Holdem Manager
Holdem Manager - Poker Tracking Software
$89.99 Pro Version ($54.99 Small Stakes)
15 Days FREE TRIAL Available
Hits: excellent built in HUD, fast importing of hands, more data from hand histories, poker tracker for Omaha also available
Misses: some poker tracking graph features are missing
Supported Poker Rooms
Casinator Choice Choice
Poker Tracker 3
$89.99 Full Price ($44.99 Micro Stakes)
60 Days FREE TRIAL Available
Hits: fast importing of hands, excellent design and extra details available, powerful graphs, Omaha
Misses: missing some poker tracker stats that HM has, still some bugs
Supported Poker Rooms
Casinator Choice Choice
Poker Office
Poker Office
99.99 Full Price
Hits: fast importing of hands to poker tracker, powerful graphing, now also Omaha available
Misses: poker tracking HUD hard to customize, occasional problems when multi tabling
Supported Poker Rooms
Best Choice Best Free Choice
PokerTime - MyPokerLab
FREE (by PokerTime)
Hits: excellent free poker tracker option for players that want to try poker tracking software
Misses: only works with one poker room - PokerTime (USA players restricted), lacks features offered by paid options
Supported Poker Rooms
Casinator Choice Silver Free Choice
PokerTime - MyPokerLab
FREE (open source)
Hits: supports almost all poker games, compatible with Windows and Linux
Misses: it's free so the support cannot be compared with paid products
Supported Poker Rooms
Recommended Poker Rooms That Support Poker Tracker
Carbon Poker Carbon Poker Carbon Poker Bonus Code
Bonus: 100% up to $600 pending
Restrictions: none
Bodog Bodog Poker Bodog Poker Bonus Review
Bonus: 100% up to $1000 pending
Restrictions: none
Recommended Poker Rooms With Anonymous Poker Tables
Ladbrokes Ladbrokes Poker Ladbrokes Poker Bonus Review
Bonus: $1,000 fixed
Restrictions: USA, DE, IT, TR, HK
Recommended Poker Rooms That Do Not Support Poker Tracker
BetOnline BetOnline Poker Visit Bet Online Poker
Bonus: 25% up to $900 instant
Restrictions: none

For further info about paid and free poker tracker visit recommended online poker forums where you can find answers from many users of poker tracking software:

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