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Best Sit and Go Poker Tournaments & Sit n Go Strategy

Sit n Go Poker Strategy

Sit and Go poker tournaments (or Sit n Go or just SnG) are specific part of online poker. Sit and Go poker tournaments will start as soon as the required number of people have registered for the tournament. You can play SnG poker tournaments in variety of games with buy-ins often starting as low as $0.05 or absolutely free in SnG poker freerolls. If you register for Sit and Go poker tournament you may be allowed to unregister while registration is still open.



In a regular poker tournament the buy-in fee and start time is known, it is unknown how many people will sign up before it starts. In a Sit and Go tournament the buy-in fee and starting number of players is known, the start time is not. Basically, you pay your fee to get a seat, when all of the seats are filled the tournament starts. These types of tournaments are played in online poker rooms and are less common in casinos. These tournaments are also specific as unique Sit and Go strategy applies.

SnG Shark

Sit n Go poker tournaments as a specific type of poker tournaments require use of special Sit n Go strategy. According to basic Sit n Go strategy, it is recommended to play tight at the beginning of poker tournament and then in the later stages use more aggressive approach. However there are more sit n go strategy tools that advice players the most suitable sit n go strategy according to types of players at the table, blinds, payout etc. For the review of best sit and go strategy tools check the right column.

Tournament Start

Sit and Go tournaments is online poker's very interesting form worth playing for its many advantages:

  • it is a great final table (or later stages of poker tournament) simulation - final table experience is hard to come by, you can play many multi table tournaments and never make it to the final table and when you finally make it you get easy eliminated, with SNG tournaments the final table experience is just mouse click away, Sit and Go strategy in the latter stages of tournament are very similar to final table strategy in regular tournament
  • it is very convenient - you do not need to schedule it, the SnG tournaments starts as soon as the table fills up
  • it's cheap - it would be hard to find this kind of poker tournament offline and it would probably cost you lot of money, online the Sit n Go's buy-ins are starting as low as $0.05 or you can even play them for free and win real money
  • you get lot of fun and action - there is plenty of action at final tables and you are almost guaranteed to get lot of action and fun at Sit & Go tournament
  • great chance to get tells on players - Sit'n'Go tournaments are usually played at just one or more tables what gives you great chance to spot betting pattern or timing tells and adjust the Sit n Go strategy accordingly

Sit & Go Tournament

There are more types of SNG tournaments. There are up to the 4 or 5 table Sit n Goes but the most frequent and popular ones are one table Sit and Go tournaments. At SnG tournaments the blinds go up usually every 10 minutes or after one round of play is finished (as soon as the dealer button comes back to the player who has started as a "dealer"). As already mentioned, the Sit and Go strategy is also specific because with increasing blinds and eliminated players and with nobody to fill their spot the table gets shorter and shorter-handed. That's why it pays off to play more tight from the beginning and in later stages when you are in the money you should play looser and more aggressive and use all in strategy more likely.

Sit and Go Tournament Payout

Because of all this unique specifications of Sit and Go tournaments these tournaments became one of the most popular form of online poker and online poker rooms offer many S'n'G tournaments with buy-ins from $0.05 to $2000 and from one table to many tables. To make it even more interesting and popular for poker players they add to their SnG tournaments leaderboards, bounties and other rewards and ranking schemes that makes from SnG real challenge and it is really exciting and rewarding to be good Sit and Go player. SNG poker with proper Sit n Go strategy can be really profitable so it's definitely worth trying!

Table reviews for you poker rooms with best S'n'G tournaments in following categories as well as best Sit n Go strategy tools. You can find the comparison in right column.

  • Absolutely Free Sit and Go Tournaments - or SnG Freerolls, these are absolutely free to join and top finishers receive cash price or coupon to higher buy-in SNG tournament
  • Smaller Buy In Sit and Go Tournaments - or lower limit Sit and Go's, great for beginners and for learning the Sit n Go strategy
  • Highroller Sit'n'Go Tournaments - these are higher stakes Sit n Go poker tournaments for professional players or for highrollers
  • Bounty Sit and Go Poker Tournaments - half of the buy-in goes towards bounty that is placed on head of each player, more aggressive players that eliminate more opponents get higher payout
  • Sit and Go Tournaments Leaderboards - top finishers receive usually cash prizes, ranking depends on number of Sit'n'Goes played and rankings in these tournaments
  • Jackpot Sit'n'Go Tournaments - some poker rooms offer jackpot incentives for certain number of SnG tournaments won in a row
Best Sit and Go Strategy Tools Review SnG Strategy
Deposit Bonuses Sit n Go Strategy Software Tools
sit n go strategy tool description regular price free
Sng Shark

Sit n Go Shark

- software attaches to poker table, observes patterns & gives customized step-by-step advice $49.95 - min. $50 deposit @ Party Poker
SnG Wizard

Sit n Go Wizard

- reads hand history and runs analysis of each hand, then it will show incorrect decisions and teach proper strategy $99.00 - 750 Points @ Titan
- 1K Points @ Mansion
- 7500 @ SunPoker
Best Sit and Go Poker Tournaments SnG
Free SnG Free Sit n Go Poker Tournaments
poker room rest. SNG type free prizepool bonus name
Limited Time

Turbo Poker

USA, FR, ES, IT, CN... 9 seat SNG
for 21 days
€1 200% up to $2K fixed Sit & Go freerolls
Everest Poker

Everest Poker

USA, RO, RU, UA, LV, LT... 10 seat SNG
(5¢ first)
200% up to $1,000 Shasta
* Newbie Special Freeroll Sit n Go Tournament is open 11AM server time Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Weekends & 6PM Tuesday and Thursday
low limit Low Limit SnG Poker Tournaments
poker site rest. lowest limit SnG bonus minimum deposit
Everest Poker

Everest Poker

USA, RO, RU, UA, LV, LT... $0.04+0.01
$200 fixed $5


USA, HK, TR $0.10+0.02
100% - $200 pending $10

Carbon Poker

AU, SG, USA $0.50+0.10 (turbo)
$1+0.08 (double-up)
300% - $600 pending $10
High Stakes High Limit Sit n Go Poker Tournaments
poker room rest. highest limit SnG bonus minimum deposit


USA $2000+90
100% - $600 pending $10
Bodog Bodog
all welcome $220+15
100% - $1000 pending $10

VC Poker

USA, EE, HK, IL $5000+200
999% - €4995 pending €10
Leaderboard Sit n Go Poker Leaderboards
poker room rest. qualified limits prizepool


all welcome all limits (excluding double up, heads up and beginners SNG) King of the Felt Promotion (weekly $1K draw, freeroll entries)
Luvin Poker

Luvin Poker

MT all limits (3 leaderboards) 5% of every completed SNG (+ fixed prize up to $500)
PokerMambo Poker Mambo
USA 1 - 50+ (3 leaderboards) 30K /month
Sportsbook Poker Sportsbook Poker
USA all limits (2 leaderboards) $12K /month
ChiliPoker Chili Poker
USA, BG, IL, EE, CY, HK all limits (3 leaderboards) $5K /month
Reload Bonuses Bounty SNG Poker Tournaments
poker site rest. stakes buy-in distribution minimum deposit

Carbon Poker

AU, SG $2+0.20 up to $75+7,50 50% (or 2/3) prizepool + 50% (or 1/3) bounty $10


USA, HK, TR $5+0.50 + $20+2 100% bounty (75% win + 25% own bounty) $10
Jackpot Jackpot Sit and Go's
poker room rest. jackpot stakes how to win
Americas Cardroom Americas Cardroom
USA states (KY, MD, WA), FR, TR $1 million from $5 Lottery
* jackpot increases by $3,500 each week until won
**jackpot increases by $10,000 each week until won

Sit and Go Poker Strategy & Tournaments

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