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Online Poker Strategy Tools

Online Poker Strategy Software

What is poker strategy software?

Online poker strategy software is application that usually attaches to your poker table window and gives you real time odds and stats on your opponents. Using the online poker strategies and indicators you will be able to make correct decisions based on the mathematical side of poker (represented by poker odds, pot odds etc.) and psychological side (represented by opponents betting pattern indicators) of poker as well.

Poker Strategy Software - Tournament Indicator

Isn't this exactly what poker tracker does?

Yes the functions of poker strategy software tools are very similar to those of poker tracker software. However online poker strategy software offers more options suitable for beginners. Poker HUD that is integrated in poker tracking software is more orientated to the betting patterns and behavior of your opponents. Because more experienced players are already familiar with EV (expected value) of each pot and poker hand odds. Therefore poker strategy software is excellent choice for players that are just learning the poker odds and pot odds. On the other side more experienced players already familiar with poker odds should go for poker tracker software that provides much wider range of statistics on your own play and on your opponents as well.

Tournament Indicator Odds

How does poker strategy software work?

Online poker strategy software tools show you real time odds and indicators about your opponent's betting patterns. These indicators (VP$IP - voluntarily put money in the pot, PFR - preflop raise etc.) are very similar to those of poker tracking software. Some advanced poker strategy software tools like Tournament Indicator will show you even more advanced areas of tournament strategy as Mzones. You will learn that you should make decisions based on your Mzone to become successful tournament player.


Tournament Indicator

Poker Strategy Portals

Another excellent way how to learn how to play poker and win are various poker strategy portals. These portals usually offer many poker training options including articles, videos and interactive poker strategies. Some of the features are free and some are paid. Some of these poker teaching portals may also offer free poker money that can be used for playing on real money cash games and tournament. The list of best poker teaching portals is in right column.

Poker Strategy Portals Best Poker Strategy Portals
Poker Strategy Portal Country Restr. Features
CardRunners CardRunners
none videos, podcasts, articles, blogs, community, hand history tools, rakeback...
PokerStrategy - Learn to play Texas Holdem Poker Poker Strategy
USA coaching, video, free bankrolls, community
PokerRoomSchool - Learn to play Texas Holdem Poker PokerSpace
KY (inUSA) video, articles, coaching, software tools, forum
Best Choice Choice
Tournament Indicator
Tournament Indicator
$89.95 Full Price
Free Trial and Free Licence Available
Download TI
  • poker odds and pot odds
  • player profiling
  • MZone calculation
  • free poker strategies video tutorial
  • launch multiple instances to support multiple tables
Casinator Choice Choice
Holdem Indicator
Holdem Indicator
$79.95 Full Price
Free Trial and Free Licence Available
FREE at Paddy Power Poker
Download HI
  • real-time poker odds and pot odds
  • opponent stats
  • the nuts alert
  • EV and Sklansky Group rating
  • launch multiple instances of HI to support multiple tables

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