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Poker Hand Nicknames
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Poker Hand Nicknames

Poker Hand Nicknames

Poker hand nicknames are widely used to describe certain combinations of winning poker hands as well various combination during play. Most hand nicknames are used in Texas Hold’em Poker, but there are also some poker hand nicknames in Omaha or 5 Card Draw poker. Sometimes are the poker hand nicknames given based on event from history of poker (10 2 – Doyle Brunson, it was his final winning hand in his both WSOP championships)  or because the cards remind of something (JJ – hooks).

Poker Hand Nicknames

Below you can find list of most common as well as rarer poker hand nicknames along with explanation for those more obvious poker hand nicknames. We have divided the nicknames to 6 group according to factors as form of poker or phase of poker game when the hand nicknames are used. Some of these nicknames are used quite often and are very popular, some are quite rare. Poker hand nicknames add even more fun to both lad-based and online poker games.

Poker Hand Nicknames - Poker Cards
A Rocket, Bullet, MasterCard 7 Hockey/Walking Stick, Candy Cane, Salmon
K Cowboy, King Kong, Ace Magnet 6 Boot, Sex
Q Lady, Hooker (if loses), Cowgirl, Dame 5 Nickel
J Johnny, Jackal, Knave, Hook 4 Sailboat, Drunk Man's Ace
10 Dime 3 Trey, Crab
9 Nina Ross 2 Deuce, Duck
8 Snowman, Ocho (Spanish)  


Poker Hand Nicknames - Starting Hands Texas Hold'em
AA Pocket Rockets, American Airlines, Bullets, Two Pips, Boots J5 Motown, Jackson Five
AK Big Slick, Anna Kournikova (looks good, wins rarely), Machine Gun, Santa Barbara J4 Flat Tire (what is jack for)
AQ Little Slick, Big Chick, Big Slut, Mrs. Slick, Doyle Brunson (he rarely plays it), Walking Back To Houston TT Binary, Dimes, TNT, Boxcars, Dynamite
AJ Blackjack, Ajax, Jackass T9 Countdown
AT Johny Moss (he started to play poker at 10), Bookends (ends of top straight), A-Team T8 Tetris
A9 Chris Ferguson (his winning hand in 2000 WSOP), Rounders T6 Sweet (sweet sixteen), Driver's Licence (you get it at 16 in U.S.)
A8 Dead Man's Hand (held by Wild Bill Hickock when he was shot in 1876) T5 Five and Dime, Woolworth (five and dime store)
A5 High Five T4 Highway Patrol (show), Roger That (radio code 10-4)
A4 Transvestite (first you see an ace then 4 looks like an ace but it's not) T2 Texas Dolly, Doyle Brunson (his winning starting hand at both 1976 and 1977 WSOP), Terminator II
A3 Baskin-Robbins (31 different flavors of ice-cream), Ashtray 99 Wayne Gretzky, german Virgin (Nein-Nein), Phil Hellmuth (winning hand WSOP 1989)
A2 Acey-Deucey, Drinking Age, Hunting Season (aces = bullets, deauces=ducks). Arizona (AZ) 98 Oldsmobile (98 oldsmobile model)
KK Cowboys, Elvis Presley, King Kong, Ace Magnets, Brokeback, Gorillas, Kangaroos 96 Big Lick, Dinner for Two, Happy Meal, Porno, Prom Night (suited), Valentine's Day (suited)
KQ Marriage, Royalty 95 Dolly Parton (movie 9 to 5), Hard Working Man (works 9-5)
KQo Mixed Marriage, Othello 94 Gold Rush, San Francisco (49ers)
KQs Royal Marriage/Divorce 93 Jack Benny (always claimed to be 39 years old)
KhQh Valentine's Day 92 Montana Banana (SF 49ers quarterback), Golf Bag
KJ Kojak, King John, Just Kidding 88 Snowmen, Octopussy, Little Oldsmobile, Infinities, Double Infinity
KJo Bachelor Hand (jack-king off) 84 George Orwell (wrote book "1984")
KT Katie 83 Raquel Welch (still claims to be 38)
K9 Canine, Dog, Sawmill, Unit 77 Hockey Sticks, Candy Canes, Walking Sticks
K8 Feast (king ate), Kate, Monica Lewinski (she ate king) 76 Philadelphia (76ers), Union Oil (gas station Union 76), Trombones (76 Trombones song)
K7 King Salmon 75 Heinz Ketchup (57 Heinz's variettes), Filipino Slick, Dominator
K6 Concubine (king sex) 74 Double Down, Blackjack Hand, Cambodian Big Slick
K3 King Crab, Three Kings 73 Joe Hachem (his winning starting hand at WSOP 2005)
K2 Everest, Donald (king of the ducks) 72 Beer Hand, The Hammer, Velvet Hammer (suited), WHIP (Worst Hand in Poker)
QQ Cowgirls, Ladies, Lesbians, Hookers (if they lose), Four Tits, Canadian Rockets, San Francisco Wedding 66 Route 66, Kicks
QJ Maverick (from TV show theme song, OJ (killer) 64 The Rabbit
QT Q-Tip, Quint, Hot Babe, Robert Varkonyi (winning hand in 2002 WSOP) 63 Blocky, JFK (last year he was president)
Q9 Quinine (drug) 62 Ainsworth (British poker player)
Q8 Kuwait 55 Presto, Speed Limit, Nickels
Q7 Computer Hand (based on older computer calculations break-even hand) 54 Jesse James (shot woth colt 45), Colt 45, Moneymaker (his winning starting hand in 2003 WSOP)
Q6 Village People 52 Bomber (B-52 Bomber), Quarter (25 cents)
Q3 San Francisco Busboy (queen with tray), Gay Waiter 44 Sailboats, Midlife Crisis, Magnum, Luke Skywalker
Q2 Daisy (idea behind this one of poker hand nicknames is that Daisy is queen of the ducks) 4c4s Darth Vader
JJ Fishhooks, Hooks, Jokers, Johnnies, SHIP (Shittiest Hand in Poker) 43 Waltz
JT Cloutier, Morgan 42 Willie Mays, Jack Bauer, Lumberman's Hand, Hitchhiker (from movie Hitchikers Guide to galaxy)
J9 TJ Cloutier (flopped three straight flushes with this starting hand) 33 Crabs, Hooters
J7 Jack Daniel's 32 Can of Corn, Michael Jordan, Mississippi Slick, Hooter Hand (minimum measurement for their uniform)
J6 Railroad Hand 22 Ducks, Swans, Sleepers, Mini me


Poker Hand Nicknames - Omaha Specific
AK47 Assault Rifle Four Pair Noah's Ark


Poker Hand Nicknames - Made Hands
A2345 Wheel, Steel Wheel (suited) 23456 Rabbit
Four of a Kind Quads, Book, Case Three of a Kind Trips, Set
AAAA Four Pips AAA Beatles Reunion
KKKK The Four Horsemen, Rodeo KKK The Three Wise Men, The Alabama Night Riders
QQQQ Village People QQQ Six Tits
3333 Forest, Four Trees TTT Thirty Miles of Bad Road
Full House Full, Boat 777 Slot Machine
QQQ33 San Francisco Waiters 666 The Devil, The Beast, Satan, Lucifer, Devil's Area Code
33322 Nits and Lice 222 Huey, Dewey and Louie
222AA Marksman (Ducks and Bullets) AA88 Dead Man's Hand
Flush (d/h) All Pink, Pink KKQQ Mommas & Poppas
Flush (c/s) All Ble, Blue KK99 Pair of Dogs
Flush of Clubs Golf Bag, Puppy Feet JJ55 Rock and Roll. Motown
Flush of Hears Valentines 9966 Dinner for Four
Four Flush Arcansas Flush 2233 Socks and Shoes
TJQKA Broadway AA Aces and Spaces


Poker Hand Nicknames - The Flop
Three Dif. Suits Rainbow 3 Low Cards Rags
2 Dif. Suits Two Tone 3 Sevens Jackpot
3 Face Cards Paint  


Poker Hand Nicknames - Draws
Outside Straight Draw Bobtail Inside Straight Draw Gutshot, Belly Buster
Outside Straight Flush Draw Big Bobtail Double Inside Straight Draw Double Gutshot, Double Belly Buster
Preflop Strategy Preflop Strategy
Poker Hand Rankings Preflop Poker Hand Strategy
Joe Hachem WSOP Joe Hachem
WSOP 2005
Final Winning Hand
WSOP 2005 Winner
Restrictions: United States
Chris Moneymaker WSOP Chris Moneymaker
WSOP 2003
Final Winning Hand
WSOP 2003 Winner
Restrictions: United States
Chris Ferguson WSOP Chris Ferguson
WSOP 2000
Final Winning Hand
WSOP 2000 Winner
Chris Freguson
Doyle Brunson WSOP Doyle Brunson
WSOP 1976&77
Final Winning Hand
Doyle Brunson
Pkil Helmuth Jr. WSOP Phil Helmuth Jr.
WSOP 1989
Final Winning Hand
WSOP 1989 Winner
Phil Helmuth

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