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Poker Books

Best Poker Books Reviews

Why are poker books important

Poker books are one of the most important tools needed to improve your poker game. Of course you do not have to read a poker book to learn how to play poker. But if you want to play winning poker and if you want to master this game, then reading best poker books is a must. That's why Casinator brings you the best poker books review.

Harrington on Holdem
"Must have for any no limit tournament player"
Super System 2
"The Most Anticipated Book in the History of Poker"
Winning Low Limit Hold'em
"This is superior analysis of hold'em that can be used for genuine profit by thousands of players"
- Mike Caro

No matter if you are poker rookie or experienced poker player, the best online poker books can significantly improve your poker skills. Poker books are not only about theory, authors of such a books are usually experienced poker players. These proven poker players that make living playing poker are guarantee that best poker books will give you besides the theory also inside view into the mind of professional poker players. The best poker books will guide you from the theory of poker odds through psychological tips and tricks all the way to the real cash poker games experience.

Doyle Brunson
Doyle Brunson, author and poker legend

Best poker books are full of experience

Another benefit of best poker books is the gain of knowledge of the authors. It took some of them many years to find successful way how to beat poker game consistently. The Casinator's best poker books reviews contain books of poker professionals that will help you to learn and understand aspects of poker game that these authors had to learn with their successes and failures. Getting your hands on such a valuable poker advice and experience can help you to gain the edge over other poker players online or offline.

Best Poker Books - Kill Phil
"It's like giving the gun to the rabbit"
- Marcel Luske, winner of WPT
Book of Tells
"Mike Caro has taught more players to win than anyone in history! His research and seminars have totally revolutionized poker"
- Doyle Brunson

Should I read all the poker books?

There are hundreds of books about poker. Therefore Casinator brings you best poker books reviews. We have listed the best poker books for beginners or advanced players. Choose a book according to your playing level, game you play (Holdem, Omaha, etc.) or stakes you play. Remember that besides the knowledge and experience you can gain from poker books you will need lot of practice on real money poker tables.

Every Hand Revealed
The logic behind the decisions of "The Madman"

Authors of best poker books

There many authors that write high quality books on poker including poker legends, players that are enjoying recent success or players that are not that famous but are able to win consistently. Without any doubts most respectable and popular are David Sklansky and Doyle Brunson.

Stu Ungar's Biography
"A fascinating, cautionary tale"

Poker Players Biographies

Biographies of famous poker players are also popular books about poker. We especially recommend reading biography of Stu Ungar - probably the most talented poker player ever who unfortunately couldn't fulfil his potential. His biography "One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey ',The Kid', Ungar, The World's Greatest Poker Player " is one of the best poker books.

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Best Poker Books and Poker Authors Review
David Sklansky David Sklansky

- has real gambling income
- famous poker seminars
- must read for beginners

Theory of Poker - discusses poker theories
- ideas that separate experts from typical players
Theory of Poker
Hold 'Em Poker - great for beginners, must read for serious players
- contains Sklansky Hand Rankings and strategy topics
Hold'em Poker
Hold'Em Poker for Advanced Players - limit holdem strategy tips
- anyone who studies, is disciplined, and gets proper experience should become winner
Holdem Poker for Advanced Players
Doyle Brunson Doyle Brunson

- nine-time WSOP bracelet winner
- one of the greatest poker players

Super System - discusses theories of almost every variation of poker
- ideas that separate experts from typical players
Super System 1
Super System II - gathers together greatest players and expands upon the original with more games, authors and winning secrets Super System 2
The Godfather of Poker - or "The Doyle Brunson Story" is newest poker book and biography of Doyle Brunson. The Godfather of Poker
Mike Caro Mike Caro

- regarded as pioneer in poker game theory, strategy, psychology and statistics

Book of Poker Tells - art of body language in poker revealed
- featuring photos and explanations
- gain decisive edge at table
Caro's Book of Poker Tells
Dan Harrington Dan Harrington

- former backgammon champion, US chess master & bankruptcy lawyer
- WPT winner & pro player

Harrington On Holdem Vol. 1 - sophisticated and time-tested winning tournament poker strategies
- techniques that top players use to reach final tables
Harrington on Hold'em Vol1: Strategic Play
Harrington on Holdem Vol.2 - how to play in the later phases of a poker tournament
- whole chapter on heads-up play is also included
Harrington on Hold'em Vol1: Endgame
David Sklansky Lee Jones

- former poker manager at PokerStars and EPT
- now working for poker instructional websites

Winning Low Limit Hold'em - considered authority on low-limit poker
- recently updated with online poker and no-limit hold'em Sit and Go's
Winning Low Limit Hold'em
David Sklansky Lee Nelson

- co-author with Blair Rodman
- total live tournament winnings exceed $2 million

Kill Phil - strategies used by professional poker players to consistently win in no-limit holdem tournaments Kill Phil
Kill Everyone - this poker book is eagerly anticipated succession of Kill Phil
- keeps up with the development of today's poker players and backs poker theories by extensive math analytics
Kill Everyone
Gus Hansen Gus Hansen

- only player to win three WPT tournaments
- known for extremely loose aggressive play

Every Hand Revealed
- analyzes his hands during Aussie Millions
- reveals secrets for winning
- logical methods behind his mad play
Every Hand Revealed
Rolf Slotboom Rolf Slotboom

- poker player & Eurosport commentator
- best shortstack Pot-Limit Omaha player

Secrets of Pro Pot Limit Omaha - reveals key information that has never appeared before
- revolutionary shortstack approach and adjustments for big stack play
Secrets of Pot Limit Omaha

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