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Roulette Strategy Systems
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Roulette Strategies and Systems Guide

Roulette Strategy Systems

Roulette System

Roulette, one would argue, is a game of luck.  And, in all mathematical ways, it really is.  Even well know mathematicians confirm that, with the way roulette is structured, it is impossible to beat it using any traditional roulette system.  Of course, you could strike it lucky and win big.  But ultimately, you would find yourself losing to the house and leaving the table with less money than you first had.  If you need any more convincing about this fact, then maybe you can let Albert Einstein give you some enlightenment.  He said, “you cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.”  Some people, however, remain unconvinced, and have created their own roulette system and roulette strategies to beat the said game. Effectiveness of these roulette strategy systems, though, is questionable at least.


How to beat roulette

It is simply impossible to beat roulette with any roulette strategy.  It has a very large house edge as compared to that of other casino games and you really are bound to lose if you play long enough.  However, don’t think that it’s impossible to beat roulette because the dealer can control the results. In fact any dealer that is caught influencing the spins in a way that will help any player to win or lose will lose his job. Back in the old days, some wheels were also rigged and entirely exploitable, both by the casino and by wily players. Things are different now, however, as the construction of the wheel has been drastically improved to provide a almost truly random result.  As a result, almost all roulette systems and roulette strategies do not work.

Roulette Wheel

Fortunately not all roulette wheels are perfect and provide random numbers, so there is some room for effective roulette strategy system. There are roulette wheels that show bias to certain section of numbers as a result of imperfect construction or because of constant use of the roulette wheel. Roulette systems based on these imperfections and bias of roulette wheel are some of the very few roulette strategies that can actually be successfully used.

Roulette Systems

There are 4 general roulette system groups. Almost all of existing roulette systems belong to one of the following groups. Most roulette strategies that are currently used and sold online belong to first two roulette system groups. Unfortunately the roulette systems from first and second roulette strategy group below are worthless and will never lead to win in long term. Here are the 4 roulette systems categories:

  1. Betting Roulette Systems - these roulette strategies are based on various betting patterns. Probably the most known roulette betting system is Martingale Betting Strategy. This roulette strategy operates on a very simple premise: after each loss, you double your bet so that, when you do win, all of your previous losses are covered. Unfortunately there is one factor that make this roulette betting system completely useless and that is the table limit. There are also many variations of this roulette strategy in order to make it more effective but ultimately, using Martingale or other roulette betting systems will cause huge financial losses in the long term.

  2. Martingale

  3. Number Tracking Roulette Systems - these are roulette systems where betting actions are based on previous numbers. As well as betting roulette strategy systems also roulette systems based on tracking the numbers are waste of time and should never be used unless you want to lose lot of money. Casinos know this and that's why they usually show scoreboards with last 10-20 numbers - to encourage players to make more and higher bets. It should be very basic knowledge of all casino players that roulette wheel has no memory. It is really surprising though that even nowadays majority of casino players are not familiar with this fact. Current and future spins are never based on previous numbers. If there were 10 black numbers in a row it doesn't make chance for red number to come up anytime soon any bigger.

  4. Tracking Numbers

  5. Roulette Wheel Bias Systems - are roulette strategy systems based on imperfections of roulette wheels. Even that roulette wheels are nowadays really well constructed to provide truly random numbers, there can be always found few roulette wheels with bias to certain section of numbers. This bias as stated above is result of constant use or imperfect construction. Players can then take advantage of this wheel bias by betting on the segment the roulette is biased to. But before they are able to do that they have to find roulette wheel with bias. And that is only possible with recording all the wheel action and identifying segment of the wheel that gets most action. Identifying wheel bias can take days because results in short term may be just pure luck not real bias. It is also important to remember that if player is beating roulette using wheel bias and casino finds out they will usually take action and probably change the wheel. Roulette system based on wheel bias is one of roulette systems that actually work.
  6. Wheel

  7. Roulette Dealer Clocking Systems - these systems contrary to previous roulette wheel bias roulette strategy systems are based on roulette perfect construction and tendency of the dealers to develop constant ball spinning speeds. Expert players can then, based on position where the ball is released to the wheel position, predict section of wheel where the ball will land. There are also many stories about dealers with developed skill that were able to make the ball drop in certain section of the wheel. As already stated above, dealers are forbidden by casinos to control the outcome. Casino edge is enough for casinos to be profitable. But if there is any dealer like that expert players can and will take advantage of his skill and place bets after the ball is released.

Roulette wheel bias and roulette tracking system that can be successfully used by expert roulette players can be mostly used offline but there is also possibility to use these systems at online casinos. It is obvious that there is no way to spot wheel bias or clock the dealer in roulette that is software based as the outcomes are based on random number generator. There is chance however to use these roulette strategy systems at online casino with live dealer roulette. Online casinos with live roulette where players can bet after the ball is released are ideal for experimenting with dealer clocking roulette system. Betting racetrack is also very useful feature when betting on certain section of numbers - experimenting with wheel bias roulette strategy. Betting racetrack shows numbers as they are placed on the roulette wheel and therefore it is easy to place neighbor bets. Online live dealer casinos with racetrack and betting after ball release thus ideal for clocking and wheel bias roulette strategy are listed in right column. Always make sure to practice your strategies on free online roulette first before playing roulette for real money.


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