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Intimidating – that’s the first thing that comes into the minds of most first timers to the game of craps.  And who can blame them?  At first glance, a Craps table looks like the control panel of a complex spaceship, what with the numbers and symbols scribbled on its surface.  And the people surrounding the table, all screaming in excitement or moaning in despair, do not help make the game look any less daunting.  By the way they were acting, you’d think they’re watching gladiators fight in the Roman Coliseum or something.  So yeah, one look at the Craps Table and most newcomers just end up walking the other way.  But then, the reality is that they are walking away from one of the most enjoyable games in the whole casino.

Is Craps Really That Complicated?

If you were one of those who were intimidated by the ruckus in the Craps Table, then you definitely have to give the game second chance.  The game of craps is pretty simple despite how complex it looks at first.  Craps is a dice game that’s either played against the bank (online casino craps or craps at land based casinos), which is called ‘Bank Craps’ or against other players, which is called “Street Craps”. You can play craps online in the bank craps version.

Craps Table

One thing to know about Craps is that, if there’s anything remotely complicated about it, it’s the bets and not the game itself.  And you can still choose between more complex bets or the simpler ones.  The game of Craps itself is pretty easy to understand. You can play free online craps games to learn the game and then continue to plat free online craps or make a deposit an play craps online for real money.

Craps Tables

Most craps tables today are double layouts. The layout may look confusing because there are many different bets that can be made and because the layout at both ends of the table are exact mirrors of each other. Just remember it is merely duplicated in this manner to allow more players at one table. At the center of one side of the table is the boxman, who supervises the game and takes cash collected by the dealers and deposits it in a drop box. Directly opposite him is the stickman, who uses a stick to push the dice to the shooter. The stickman controls the game’s tempo, calling out the results of each roll and keeping up a continuous patter, urging players to get their bets down. When you play free online craps or real money craps online there is usually only one side of table. It is much more easier to accommodated multiple players that play craps online at virtual free craps tables.


At the center of the table between the boxman and stickman are boxes for proposition bets - one-roll bets. There are also areas for hard-way bets – for example, betting that the next roll of the dice will be a 6 - rolled as two 3s before either a 7 or any other 6 is rolled.

Craps is a Game of Rounds

Craps, no matter if you play free online craps or land-based craps, is a game of rounds. The first roll of a round is called a ‘Come-Out Roll’. A round can last just one roll or several rolls, depending on what's rolled and when. When a Come-Out roll is about to happen the dealer will turn his little hockey puck on the table to "OFF", and shout, "Coming out!". For more information check the learn how to play craps section.

Come-Out Roll
8 Established as Point

Rolling the Dice

Each player has a turn at rolling the dice. The player rolling the dice is called the ‘Shooter’. Everyone bets on the same roll of the dice, whether they're the shooter or not. The shooter keeps rolling until he "sevens out" (rolls a seven at the wrong time), and then the next player gets to roll. When you play free online craps or real money craps online some casinos give you choice if you want to be the shooter or not.


Play Free Online Craps

Nowadays most online casinos offer online craps. You can either play free online craps or make a deposit and play craps online for real money. There are many advantages when you play online craps. The most notable ones are following:

  • faster - online craps has faster game play that real money or free craps games at land based casinos
  • easy bets tracking - bets are more clear and transparent when you play free online craps
  • never rigged - the dice cannot be rigged when you play craps online as the outcome is designed by random number generator
  • less hectic - there is more time between the rounds for decision making during free online craps games
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Club World Casino

Restricted countries for real money games: CR, IL, FR
RTG Club World Casino

32Red Casino

Restricted countries: USA, FR, GR, DK, BE, ES, TR...
Micro- gaming 32Red Craps
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888 Casino

888 Casino

USA 888 Casino-On-Net 6x (4,10),
4.5x (5,9),
3.6x (6,8)
32Red Casino 32Red Casino
USA, IS (Israel) Micro-gaming 3x

WillHill Casino

USA, BG, GE, DE, HK Playtech 3x
Royal Ace Casino Royal Ace
none RTG 5x

Bodog Casino

CA only RTG 2x
Golden Cherry Casino Golden Cherry
CA, IL, KY Rival 5x (6,8), 4x (5,9), 3x (4,10)
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Grande Vegas Grande Vegas
none up to 10% cashback RTG More Details
32Red Casino 32Red Casino
USA, TR, HK 100% - £160 Micro-gaming

WillHill Casino

USA, BG, DE.. 150% - £150 Playtech
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