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Online Craps Tournaments
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Craps Tournament Guide

Online Craps Tournaments

Craps tournament has the same basic rules as all casino tournaments. Players usually play craps at one (single table tournament) or more (multi table craps tournament) tables and based on tournament rules certain number of players per table advance to the next round until the winner is decided.

Onlinw Craps Tournaments

As already mentioned in how to play craps section, each craps tournament consists of one or more rounds. Each round is limited either by time limit or by certain number of dice throws. Player either bet consecutively or there isn’t any betting order. If there is betting order position is very important (players that act as last ones have advantage). At the end of each round based on the particular tournament rules, certain number of players (from each table if multi-table tournament) advance to the next round. 


Each tournament has different rules therefore it is very important to read the craps tournament rules very carefully before registering for the tournament and playing in it. 

Difference between regular craps games and tournaments 

Players are still playing against the house but they are also playing against each other. Players with more chips advance to the next rounds and finally player with most chips wins the whole tournament.  


The main difference between regular craps games and craps tournaments is that players have to adjust for playing against each other while also still playing against the house. That means that bets with lower casino edge are still preferred but besides the casino edge also the bets flexibility becomes an important issue. Therefore in many situations it is recommended to place more flexible bets as buying numbers instead of the craps betting strategy recommended bets as pass line bet with odds and come bets with odds. The flexibility gives players opportunity to switch to different types of bets as soon as needed. And it is very helpful in preventing situation when player is locked out by another player with no chance to win.

Online craps tournaments 

Because of the nature of craps and craps game tournaments it is very hard to replicate craps tournament online. Several online casinos organized few craps tournaments but with casino software limitations it is almost impossible to set up multi-table tournaments for craps in a similar way like in land-based casinos. There are several online casinos that organized craps tournament before but weren’t very successful and currently no online casino offers regular craps tournament. The tournaments were organized in a way where players played against each other but each on different table and the one that accumulated most chips won. This is completely different format to land-based craps game tournaments lacking the thrill and excitement.

Online Craps

Until similar software to the one used for online poker is developed for craps, craps tournament lovers will have to look for craps tournaments offline

Useful Craps Tournaments Tips

  • flexibility of particular bets is more important that casino edge of the bet – pass line/come bet and odds are not flexible
  • chip counting skills are very important – to see how many chips do I have comparing to other players
  • betting skills also important – sometimes quick and surprising bets that do not give other players time to react can make the difference between winner and loser
  • betting position is important - if there is an order of who makes first, second etc. bet
Best Online Casinos for Craps Games
online casino restricted countries craps bonus software max odds
888 Casino 888 Casino
USA no 888 Casino-On-Net 6x (4,10),
4.5x (5,9),
3.6x (6,8)
32Red Casino 32Red Casino
USA, IS (Israel) yes Micro-gaming 3x
WillHillCasino WillHill Casino
USA, BG, GE, DE, HK yes Playtech 3x
Grande Vegas Grande Vegas
none yes RTG 3x
HighNoon Casino High Noon
CR, AN, IL, Ontario (in CA) no RTG 3x
Casinos That Organized Craps Tournament in Past
online casino restricted countries craps bonus software max odds
VIP Casino VIP Casino
USA, TR, CN, HK, MO no Crypto-Logic 2x
Country codes are used in "restricted countries" field. If you do not know your country code check country abbreviations here
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Casino Tournament Strategy
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Online Craps Tournaments

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