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High Stakes Blackjack

High Roller Blackjack

Even that the popularity of online blackjack is increasing, it is not that easy to find casino offering high stakes blackjack games in conjunction with great bonuses and freebies for high roller blackjack players. Unfortunately most online casino feature deposit and withdrawal limits what make search for high limit blackjack casinos with higher withdrawal limits even harder.

High Limit Blackjack

The Land of High Stakes Blackjack Games

If you are in need of that rush of adrenaline one gets when betting big amounts in the hopes of winning something bigger, then Las Vegas is the best place that offers high stakes blackjack.  Here, you will find freebies and comps that are being offered to high limit blackjack players by some of the world’s best land-based casinos, but these bonuses, freebies, comps, and what-have-yous are slightly lower and different than what you would typically find at online casinos.  The reason for this is that land-based casinos are paying not only for the maintenance of their buildings, the utility expenses, and the wages of their staff, but they also have to pay for advertisements and such.

Because of this, many high roller blackjack players are now playing high stakes blackjack online where they could reap the best benefits out of their blackjack skills.  Furthermore, online casinos that offer high limit blackjack games give out the best bonuses and freebies that are worth the players’ money, time, and effort.

Live Blackjack

Advantages of Online High Roller Blackjack

As stated above, online casinos have the option to give high roller blackjack players bigger bonuses and freebies because they can afford to do so, especially since they have no physical building to maintain as well as tons of employees to support.

Blackjack high roller players are considered VIPs online just like in land-based casinos, and as such, they are treated like one.  When a player regularly plays high stakes blackjack at an online casino and bets big amounts he then becomes eligible to become a member of the casinos’ loyalty club program and reaps its benefits, one of which is that you get to have special service when it comes to depositing and withdrawing your money.  You are given top priority when it comes to financial transactions.

Another benefit is the comp points.  Unlike a regular player, your comp points also increase faster if you are a high limit blackjack player.

VIP Rewards

Being the high stakes blackjack player that you are, it entitles you to bigger deposit bonuses as well as promos and freebies that are only offered to VIP members.  Cashbacks are also one of the benefits of being a high limit blackjack player wherein you get to take advantage of weekly rakebacks, which you can then add to your bankroll.

Furthermore, it is also not surprising to see online casinos give away birthday bonuses and exclusive gifts like cash incentives, trips, and even authentic and excellent-quality Cuban cigars.

VIP Program

And when it comes to customer services, high stakes blackjack player can also expect the best customer service at some online casinos where they are also given priority over other regular players.

Playing High Limit Blackjack

There is typically two ways wherein high roller blackjack players can play blackjack and win big money.  One is to bet big money at high stakes blackjack tables, and the other is to play in progressive blackjack games.

Progressive Blackjack

When playing high stakes blackjack, some online casino can also give you an option to play multiple hands, which increases your earnings considerably if you win.

If you play in progressive jackpot, you increase your winnings if you get Aces in a row, but if you get, for example, four colored Aces in a row, then you win the progressive jackpot.

Live Blackjack

These are just some of the benefits of playing at high stakes blackjack at online high roller blackjack tables.  The bonuses, promos, and freebies, customer service and security of online casinos differ, so Casinator did review for high limit blackjack players the best high stakes blackjack casinos. You can find these recommended casinos for high roller blackjack players in the right column.

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High Stakes Blackjack Best High Roller Blackjack Casinos Comparison
Click for Best Blackjack High Stakes Casinos In-Depth Comparison
High Stakes Blackjack Best High Stakes Blackjack Casinos
online casino restriction software VIP program live dealers deposit limit cashout limit blackjack limit hits and misses
VC Casino VC Casino
USA, TR, HK Chart-well (flash ) YES YES no limit £5000 + land-based
+ great support
- just 1 BJ game
32Red Casino 32Red Casino
USA, IS (Israel) Micro-gaming YES NO €40K/week €5000 + 40 blackjack games
+ great support
- live & mobile casino

WillHill Casino

USA, BG, GE, DE, HK Play-tech YES YES no limit €100 (VIP more) + bonuses
+ progressive BJ
- VIP Program
Party Casino

Party Casino

USA, FR, GT, CU, GI, TR Party Gaming YES YES $100K $2 million $2500 + multiplayer
+ support
- graphics
888 Casino

888 Casino

USA 888 Casino-On-Net YES YES €67.5K /week no limit €1500 + brand
+ support
- graphics
VIP Casino

VIP Casino

USA, TR, CN, HK, MO Crypto-Logic NO NO $500K /week no limit $5000 + graphics
+ 9 BJ games
- no VIP

Bodog Casino

CA only RTG NO NO $100K $20K per trans. $500 + support
+ 7 BJ games
- no VIP
High Stakes Blackjack Top Progressive Blackjack Games
high stakes blackjack casino restrictions software appr. zero edge point progressive side bet blackjack limit jackpot combination
32Red Casino 32Red Casino
USA, IS (Israel) Micro-gaming $110,000 €1 €2-200 3 Diamond Sevens

WillHill Casino

USA, BG, GE, DE, HK Play-tech $300,000 $1 50c - $100 4 Aces Same Suit
VIP Casino

VIP Casino

USA, TR, CN, HK, MO Crypto-Logic $200,000 $1 10c - $5K
  • Country codes are used in "restricted countries" field. If you do not know your country code check country abbreviations here

  • maximum limits include payment method with the highest limit, usually wire transfer
  • blackjack limit presents the highest available bet at high limit blackjack tables
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High Stakes Blackjack for High Roller Blackjack Players
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